Zodiac suspect Lawrence Kane

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(Lawrence Kane, 1968)

On The Trail Of The Zodiac

The Hines Report

Kane's Handwriting

*Pam Huckaby, sister of Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin, claims Kane followed Darlene in the months before her murder. Additionally, possible Zodiac victim Kathleen Johns identified Kane as her abductor.

*In 1969, during the peak of Zodiac's activity, Kane was 45 years old. He stood 5'9" and weighed approximately 160 pounds. His astrological sign is Taurus.

*As a result of massive brain damage from a 1962 auto accident, Kane was allegedly diagnosed by a psychologist in 1965 as "losing the ability to control self-gratification."

*Kane was arrested in Redwood City, Calif. in August 1968. The arrest was just four months before Zodiac's first San Francisco Bay Area murders of Dec. 20, 1968.

As of early 1999, Lawrence Kane was living in Nevada.

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