Zodiac suspect Rick Marshall

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Rick Marshall
(Rick Marshall, late 1960s)

NEW! Rick Marshall, 1970s

Avenue Theatre

Informant Report

1968 Newspaper Article 1 | 2

Marshall's Handwriting

1960s Riverside Residence

1969 San Francisco Apartment

Marshall, 1989

Rick Marshall is still considered a strong Zodiac suspect by several investigators.
Marshall's physical appearance and background match up very well with what is known (and assumed) about Zodiac.

*Marshall was born in Texas, approximately 1928.

*According to the statements of several acquaintances, Marshall lived in the area at the approximate time of the 1966 murder of possible Zodiac victim Cheri Jo Bates in Riverside, Calif.

*In 1969, Marshall lived in a basement on Scott Street in San Francisco. The location was within a few miles of Zodiac's only San Francisco crime scene.

*Marshall worked as an engineer for San Francisco Bay Area Radio Station KTIM in the early 1970s. The KTIM call letters resemble the symbols Zodiac included in his "Exorcist" letter from January 1974.

*A big movie buff, Marshall worked as a projectionist at a San Francisco silent-movie theater called the Avenue at the time Zodiac sent his "Red Phantom" letter in July 1974. It was assumed by investigators that Zodiac's motivation for signing this letter "the Red Phantom" was because he was influenced by a silent film.

As of 1989, Marshall was working for Tektronix and repairing organs in San Francisco's Castro District.

Marshall speaks | 228KB/MP3

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