Zodiac suspect Michael O'Hare

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Michael O'Hare
(Michael O'Hare, mid-1960s)

Gareth Penn's suspect from Times 17 (Foxglove Press), O'Hare makes a very unlikely candidate as the Zodiac killer. Despite being brilliant and at one time having excellent skills as a marksman, O'Hare cannot be connected to any known Zodiac victim or crime scene.

The strongest "evidence" Penn presents against O'Hare involves Morse code and binary mathematics. However, Penn has proven this formula to be extremely unreliable. The fact remains there is simply nothing solid to implicate Michael O'Hare in the Zodiac crimes. In fact, it is the opinion of more than one researcher that Penn himself makes a much better candidate to be the Zodiac than does O'Hare.

O'Hare was one of the suspects featured in The Learning Channel's "Case Reopened".

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