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Subject: thanks from cecelia shepards sister
From: BoardH2O@***.com
I have still been watching your site faithfully and just wanted you to know I appreciate your efforts in searching for the truth.
Since this initial e-mail, Cecelia's sister, Carolyn, has been a big contributor to the success of this site.

Subject: N/A
From: Anonymous
hello this is the zodiac speaking sfpd still has not caught me because i have got smarter i will start killing agian
Some might consider this a genuine threat, however I just can't picture the Zodiac sending an e-mail...

Subject: Re: One more question
From: RFauc@***.com
Tom, A friend of mine told me about your site. Leigh Allen was a strange patient. Very smart and intelligent. There was something about him which I thought was weird. One time, a patient dialyzing in the chair next to him had a cardiac arrest and we started to do CPR. Allen just sat there, watching with this smerk on his face, eating an apple. After that patient expired, Allen looked at me and said, "Must be that bad Vallejo water". I grew up in Vallejo and was trained to drive our bus because Zodiac had threatened to shoot the tires out. It was a weird time, especially because he was killing people in my neighborhood.
It's stories like this that make Allen such an interesting Zodiac suspect.

Subject: Zodiackiller.com Question/Comment
From: pimpster_420_6900@***.com
Can you please send all the information you can on the Zodiac Killer to pimpster_420_6900@ .com this is for a school project. Thank you
Over the last four years, I have been contacted at least 10,000,000 times by students "needing information" sent to them. Hey, Pimpster! The info you seek is on my site!

Subject: No Subject
From: Dogmyster@***.com
hello It seems that Harvey Hines has made a slight mistake in the case of Donna Lass. when I was 19 years old I was part of a Y.M.C.A.coed bus trip that went all over the western U.S. Part of the christian aspect of the trip were "raggers"with secret rituals out in the woods and so forth.the secret meeting place was just like what mr. Hines found in the woods square circle triangle cross.if this has anything to do with Zodiac then he was a Y.M.C.A. member.
Poor Harvey. He really thought he was on to something with that one...

Subject: silly man!!
From: rikitik
how xan you waste time abd energy ob this dead hirse Your infirmation regarding me is fifth or sixth hand, for instance: I never lived in a wrehouse in Marin. I leased an industgrial ;property at 36A Front st in which ibckuded a four room fully eqeuipped apartment. If I find any firther scurrilous debasing dope haanded out from this source, be prepared to defend a personal damage suit by a first-rate attorney, sgd Richard R Marshall
Yes, this really is an e-mail from Zodiac suspect Rick Marshall.

Subject: -
From: dawn_25502@***.com
why would u do this put your stuff on the enternet r u the killer or not i sure would like to know i have read every thing and still dont understand inlighten me please
Hugs not drugs!

Subject: n/a
From: Anonymous
Hello, I was born and raised in the SF Bay area. I was a child during the Zodiac killings. I remember how scary it was to travel in those days with my family (I was only 9). When we went on vacation we had to drive throught SF and follow I80 (Past Vallejo, Berryessa, etc) Anyway, the case has interested me for years. After reading much information on Zodiac and my own personal beliefs....I believe he's still out there. I don't think Allen was him at all, though he thought he was Zodiac. The Zodiac, whomever he may be, is probably sippng wine in his Presidio Heights Victorian. I don't think this case will ever be solved. He was smarter than you think.
It's amazing how many people think the Zodiac actually lived in Presidio Heights. The fact is, San Francisco residents never go to Vallejo. Period.

Subject: z
From: jjmb@***.net
I grew up in Napa at the time of the killings in fact I was living three houses down from the car wash where Z had phoned after berryessa. A natural intrest developed later in life I worked with retired sherrif E. Randol. I asked him if he knew how was responsible, his response was that he knew but could not proove it. He also declined to name his suspect. He took it to his grave a little while back.
Luckily I was able to find out the name of this suspect. He's never been named in the news media.

Subject: Zodiac
From: zk@***.com
I don't know about a link, however if you ever get to the WWF, have your people contact my people. We'll do the lunch thing.

Subject: Killer
From: DEXTERSMITHlll@***.com
In the late 1960's I was an outpatient at a Kern Co. mental Health program in Bakersfield Ca. (I was at the time an orderly at Kern General Hospital) I was considered not only a patient, but also a friend by my Doctor Bertha Stokes, and my group therapist, Mary Cavalerro. We had a strange little impish man join our group (He was a patient from the nearby mental ward 3-B at the kern general hospital, my program was in a separate building at a nearby address and they would bring patients from the ward in to join our "group". This guy was dirty looking and I remember he wore a vest with demonic symbols on it. I only remember him joining us twice. He was a real creep. After one of these group sessions during my private time with Mary , She told me in confidence that she was petrified because this little creep had confessed to her that he was the Zodiac killer, she told me he would go to SF. kill someone, then come back to Bakersfield and describe the murders to her, (before the newspapers would even know) He evidently did this several times, according to Mary he would Murder someone then go to Bakersfield and have himself committed. I asked her why she didn't call the police, She told me she had went to her supervisors, and they would not let her because of patient confidentiality. I spoke to my Dr. Birtha stokes and found that she also believed this guy was the Zodiac. THESE WOMEN WERE BOTH SCARED TO DEATH! Mary and Berth stressed to me that this guy would describe the murders in detail to them before the muddlers were even made public. They told me that He told them that the reason he the murders was that he was a virgin and that the devil had promised him a women if he would sacrifice his victims. I have wanted to tell someone this story for years but have not known who to tell.
Geez, California was just full of loonies back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Subject: question
From: Ben
Are there any photo's on the net that we would be able to use? Mainly the ones with the box on his head. We wanted one or two for an album cover. Not the whole thing but maybe on the back or inside.
"Box on his head"??? Guys, that was a hood, not a box! Zodiac party foul!

Subject: ZK.com
From: Northbay Nissan
Hi: Saw your post at Classmates.com (I went to school in San Rafael) I clearly remember how Zodiac ruined our Halloweens. From 1969 til whenever, Dad accompanied us on our jaunt around the neighborhood. No more door-bell-ditch for us. We we all terrified. I was more affraid of being killed by Zodiac than being drafted (...so I was 11 but we all thought the war would go on for another 10 years... it did). Nice site. as a Web designer I thought I owed you the look... clever to post on Classmates. Best regards, Theodore Bundy* *Just kidding
This e-mail got me to thinking: maybe Zodiac was a dentist! That would explain why he tried to ruin Halloween...

Subject: Zodiackiller.com
From: obsoletetribeofc@***.com
I was living on the streets of San Francisco during the years of 1995-1998. I stayed mostly in Golden Gate Park. I was a methamphetimine addict. I am writing about a particular evening in the summer of 1996. I really don't remember the exact day, but I remember that there was a woman who was stabbed by a pay phone by a girl who went by the name of Star around the same time. It was just at sunset and I was meeting a girl on a hill behind the tennis courts to get high. I made it up there before she did and sat down in the bushes to start fixing up the dope. At one point I looked up and noticed a man sitting with his back to me about 20 feet away. Feeling like I was invading his space I made my presence known by walking up and introduced myself and my intention for being there. The man was sitting crosslegged in the grass, and right away I noticed two handguns at his feet. I had never heard of the Zodiac killer at this point, and honestly I felt no threat from the man. I asked him about the guns, and he merely said that he was a collecter. We talked for about five minutes, then my female friend showed up. We did our dope and left. It wasn't untill I was in county jail where we were watching america's most wanted or something and I saw the Zodiac composit drawing. My friend next to me said that my face went white. I honestly believe that was the man I saw in the park that evening. I remember someof the comversation I had with the man.I would be willing the share that information. My reason for writing is because I believe he is still out there, and if he is crazy enough to be sitting in the bushes at dusk in GG Park cleaning hand guns, then whose to say he is not crazy enough to still be killing.
I'm open to anything, but I doubt the Zodiac in 1998 would closely resemble the 1969 composite drawing.

Subject: Your website
From: james
Dear Mr. Voigt, I hope that this is not too abrupt a question but I hope you will understand my interest. It has been pointed out on another website that you have posted a message on the classmates.com message board for Davis High School in Modesto, Ca. letting the readers know about your zodiackiller web site. My question regards the timing and choice of Davis High for your notice. Davis as you might know is the High School which Chandra Levy attended up until 1995 and your notice to that school's board was apparently posted on April 28 a few days before her disappearance. My question is - Did you indeed post this message to the Davis High board on April 28 or was it someone using your name? A following question would be why Davis and not your own alma mater? I apologize for the abrupt nature of these questions but I'm sure as someone who has seemingly dedicated a great deal of his time to the pursuit of a serial killer you might understand my concern with your choice or, if it is an imposter, my concern for your safety. I should also complement you on the design and thoroughness of your website which I look forward to spending more time with tomorrow. My best regards and, once again, my apologies for being perhaps a little overzealous in examining a troubling anomaly.
Apparently there is a thread about Zodiackiller.com at the ChandraLevy.com message board. If someone could send me a link I would appreciate it.

Subject: Contact Zodiackiller.com
From: careyr@***.ca
Has anyone noticed similarities between The Anthrax letters (recently sent to Tom Brokaw and Senator Daschle and posted on CNN.COM) and the Zodiac letters sent to the San Fran Chronicle (most notably the one of Oct 27,1970)? Just curious.
The handwriting on the envelopes is awfully similar...

Subject: N/A
From: dbzboy@***.com
I am a big fan of the Zodiac but i have a forensics class in wich we profiled the zodiac killer and other murderers, A student at Fort Dorchester High School(the high school wich i go to) in North Charleston had a Readers Digest in wich he read a article where a man named Eddie Seda was the zodiac if u do not believe me it is in the August 1999 issue. so i guess u will probaly shut yoor website down :( thanx for such a great website
Seda was a copycat; the original Zodiac hasn't been caught. (What's going on with our schools these days? None of these students who e-mail me can spell!)

Subject: zodiac intrest
From: Lawrence
i've just recently became interested in the zodiac case. i'm in a band and the drummer and bass player were talking about it at practice. sounds like some good material for a song or two. by the way, we are not a group of kids. we range from ages 35-42, we just like interesting material that has a demented twist. great web site!!!! keep up the good work. band name = WEASEL SQUEEZINS' we'll keep in touch
Ever since this e-mail, I've been bragging to the chicks that I'm considered the fifth Weasel!

Subject: sighting
From: "John"
During the time the Zodiac Killer was actively being sought I happened to take a trip to S.F. where I had lived for two years previously. I had gone to a nightclub called The Family Dog which was a gathering of very bizzare people. Standing in the balcony I was observing the audiance dancing below when I say a person who looked like the composite drawing I had seen in the paper. What drew my attention to him was not his looks but the fact that in his dancing he was acting out murders. Some of the observed activities included strangulation and stabbings. Watching this activity totally upset me to the point I left the club with my friends and called the police from a payphone outside and waited for twenty minutes for the police to show up.. When the police did not show (probably because of the reputation of the people who frequented the club) I left and have not obtained any information concerning my call.
Pretty tame behavior if you ask me, considering it was a San Francisco club in the late 1960s.

Subject: Zodiackiller.com Suspect Report
From: lisabritt40@***.com
Suspect's name: Charles Schultz
Suspect's location: Bay Area???
Why is he suspected of being Zodiac?: This mans was a math teacher in Yuba City, California in the late 60's (7th-and 8th-graders). He looks very much like the composite. He was very "creepy". and "stalked" a female 8th-grade student through high school (she graduated in 1970). He never married, had many odd quirks (he brought his lunch to school in the same paper bag every day, and re-used the same saran wrap for his sandwich. He drove a Volkswagon Beetle. He moved to the Bay Area afer leaving Yuba CA.
There is no evidence the Zodiac had a sandwich fetish.

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