Title: The Zodiac
ShadowMachine Films
Synopsis: A detective and his family are haunted by the Zodiac killer
Director: Alexander Bulkley
Written by Alexander Bulkley and Kelley Bulkeley
Producer: Corey Campodonico
Starring: Justin Chambers, Rory Culkin, Philip Baker Hall, Marty Lindsey, William Mapother, Robin Tunney

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The Zodiac (Marty Lindsey) attacks at Lake Berryessa.

Director Alex Bulkley and Lindsey posing for a pic.

Preparation for shooting the Berryessa attack.

The Zodiac in a Vallejo movie theater.

Rory Culkin as "Johnny" preparing for a scene.

Bulkley (in hat) and Lindsey prepare before the cameras roll.

Cast member Philip Baker Hall (sunglasses, baseball cap) offers his input during a break in filming.

The scene inside the Yellow cab
shortly after Zodiac's murder of Paul Stine.

"Johnny" and friend reading and worrying.

Preparation for the scene of Zodiac's murder inside the cab.

The aftermath of Zodiac's encounter with Kathleen Johns.

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