A Lengthy Letter From The Zodiac 

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The Zodiac Killer Case Continues To Be Studied Today 

Although it is arguable if there is hope that the Zodiac might be identified decades after his famed serial murders in Northern California, there are many across the world who continue to study this famous case of serial murders. The Zodiac himself left behind the biggest clues to his identity – his letters and his ciphers. 

A Lengthy Letter From The Zodiac 

Up until the letter he sent on November 9th, 1969, it was the habit of the Zodiac to keep his letters on the shorter side. All other correspondence from the Zodiac had been between 1 to 3 pages in length. The letter that is commonly referred to as The Bus Bomb Letter is 6 pages in length and includes the Zodiac’s complaints about the police, the manners in which he’s deceived police forces, and his horrific plans to blow up a bus. 

He opens by airing his frustrations about the “lies” the police supposedly spread about him, then claims that he will no longer “announce to anyone when [he commits] murders.” He insists that the police will not catch him because he wears a disguise while killing people and because he will leave no fingerprints behind because he wears “transparent finger tip guards.” 

In the six pages of the letter, there is only a small section that he demands be printed in The San Francisco Chronicle. In this section, he details how 2 cops found him after he “left the cab” where he murdered Paul Stine. Rather than treat him as a suspect, however, the police asked “if [he] saw any one acting suspicious or strange in the last 5 to 10 min[utes].” The Zodiac gave them false information, and the police left to follow that information. 

He goes on to detail his plans to bomb a bus, talking about a device he’s made to accomplish his task. He includes an illustration of his device and how he plans to use it, opting out of sending photos for fear they would be able to trace photos through the developer back to him. 

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