Anniversary Of The Zodiac’s First Victims 

How Long Will The Zodiac Killer Case Haunt Our Collective Minds? 

Although it has been decades since this killing spree in Northern California, the Zodiac Killer case is alive in the minds of the many people who have dedicated their time to the study of the Zodiac Killer mystery. How long will this serial killer case hang over the people of Northern California? 

The Anniversary Of The Zodiac Killer’s First Recognized Murders Approaches 

Although the Zodiac claimed in his letters to have as many as 37 victims, few have been definitively linked to the Zodiac Killer by police forces. The earliest known case that is linked to the Zodiac Killer is that of David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen, both killed on December 20th, 1968. 

In only a few short days, it will be December 20th again. This year will mark 53 years since what was arguably the start of the Zodiac Killer’s killing spree in Northern California.  

Will The Killer Finally Be Identified? 

More than half a century later, there are many who are still dedicated to uncovering the remaining mysteries surrounding the Zodiac Killer case. Two of his four ciphers have been solved. The last two, however, remain uncracked. Will someone decode these final two ciphers? If they’re solved, will we finally know who the Zodiac really is? 

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