Are The Final Zodiac Ciphers Solvable?

The Zodiac Taunted The Norther California Area For Years 

The Zodiac killings, which took place in Northern California in the 1960s and 1970s, were horrific and brutal. The Zodiac frequently taunted the police and the public alike in his letters, making threats and only hinting at his identity. It’s little wonder that his taunting words echo all these years later, leaving the world wondering if this 52-year-old cold case will ever be solved. 

Does The Solution Lie In The Final Two Zodiac Ciphers? 

Two of the Zodiac’s four ciphers remain unsolved. One cipher in particular, Z13, potentially contains the identity of the Zodiac himself. Many who have followed the Zodiac Killer case over the past several decades have held onto the hope that one day the Z13 cipher could be cracked, thus solving this famous serial killer case. 

Ziraoui’s Z13 Cipher Solution 

Recently, one particular attempt to crack the final two Zodiac ciphers has gained attention. Ziraoui, a french business consultant, claims to have solved both the Z32 cipher and the Z13 cipher. However, his solutions have been met with doubt by those who have spent decades studying the Zodiac Killer case. 

Can The Final Two Ciphers Be Cracked? 

One of the major issues with attempting to solve the Z32 and Z13 ciphers is their length. Such short ciphers leave little room for repetition, which makes cracking the code all that more difficult. Because they are so short, countless possible solutions exist, but it is near impossible to prove that those solutions are correct. 

Our own Tom Voigt has expressed his doubts about Ziraoui’s supposed solutions to the final two Zodiac ciphers. “This poor guy is such an egomaniac that he thinks he’s going to spend a little bit of time and solve a 52-year-old case using smoke and mirrors.”  

Want To Take A Look At The Ciphers Yourself? 

The Zodiac’s letters and ciphers can all be found in Tom Voigt’s Zodiac Killer: Just the Factsalong with a chronological list of police reports related to this Northern California serial killer case. Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts has an easy-to-search index that will allow you to find the ciphers you’re interested in studying in a snap. 

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