Can You Solve The Zodiac Killer Case Mysteries?

The Zodiac Left Behind Many Unsolved Mysteries 

Although decades have passed since The Zodiac’s murders in Northern California, The Zodiac Killer case remains one of the most disturbing and perplexing serial killer cases in America. Surely, the cryptic nature of the killer is why so many are still dedicated to discovering his identity all these years later. Will we ever solve the mysteries of the Zodiac Killer case? 

The Questions Surrounding The Zodiac 

As the case stands, we have more questions than answers. 

Why did he call himself the Zodiac? Did the name hold any special significance?  

What did the circle cross symbol, which the Zodiac drew in many of his letters, mean? 

Did he really kill as many as 37 people, as he claims to have done in his letters? If so, who were his other victims? 

What information is held in the last two unsolved Zodiac Killer ciphers? Could they really tell us his identity? 

The Zodiac Haunts Us Even Today 

With all of these unanswered questions, it’s little wonder that the Zodiac still haunts us so, even after his serial murder spree came to an end. 

Study The Facts, Figure Out The Answers Yourself 

Of course, no one has definitive answers for any of the above questions – at least not yet. There are many who are still dedicated to solving these mysteries, though. Could you be the one to crack the case? 

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