Did The Zodiac Visit Melvin Belli’s House?

Did The Zodiac Visit Melvin Belli’s House? 

Did The Zodiac Visit Melvin Belli’s House?

The Zodiac Killer’s Identity Is Still In Question 

One doesn’t have to wonder why, in spite of all the years that have passed since his 1960s and 1970s killing spree, the Zodiac Killer still lives on in the minds of many across the world. His cruel and taunting letters, his mysterious ciphers, and his insistence on engaging with the public rather than keeping to himself are all qualities that drew a lot of attention from the public. Even today, there are those who hope the Zodiac’s identity can be revealed from what he left behind. 

Did The Zodiac Visit Melvin Belli’s House? 

Many of the Zodiac’s letters followed a similar format. He’d mock those who were trying to bring him to justice, make demands and threats in equal measure, and tell about his twisted motives for killing people. One letter, however, broke the Zodiac’s usual mold.  

This blog has explored the seeming cry for help the Zodiac sent to Melvin Belli before – a letter in which he explicitly asks for help. But what if there was a secret hidden in plain sight within that letter? 

Obviously, the Zodiac knew where Melvin Belli lived since he sent him his letter. However, almost as if to drive the point home that he was really familiar with Melvin Belli’s place of residence, he appears to have copied the font of the address numbers on the front of Belli’s home. 

You can see how similar the Zodiac’s writing and the numbers on the front of Belli’s home are for yourself in this video: 


What do you think? Why did the Zodiac meticulously copy the font on Belli’s mansion? Was it a warning, or were his pleas for help sincere? 

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