Did You Know The Zodiac Killer Confessed To 30+ Murders? 

The Country Is Still Haunted By This Serial Killer Cold Case 

Although it’s been over 5 decades since the beginning of what became known as the Zodiac Killer’s serial murder case, the country remains haunted by merciless killings that happened in the 1960s and 1970s in Northern California. Of course, it’s little wonder that the Zodiac Killer case holds space in the minds of so many, given this case’s particulars.  

Cut Down In Their Prime By The Zodiac 

The Zodiac brutally ended the lives of several people over the course of his killing spree and mocked the police force and public alike with his cryptic ciphers. Nearly all of the Zodiac’s confirmed murder victims met their untimely deaths at a young age. Imagining the lives these victims never got to live paints a clear picture of how tragic these cases were. 

Did You Know The Zodiac Killer Confessed To 30+ Murders? 

If the only victims the Zodiac had ever killed were the 7 he is conclusively linked with, this case would be haunting enough. However, the Zodiac confessed in his letters to a total of 37 murders over the 5 years he spent terrorizing the Northern California area. Sadly, it is likely that we’ll never know exactly who these other victims were. 

Get A Facts Only Take On The Zodiac Killer Case 

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