Has A Cold Case Team Identified the Zodiac Killer?

According to reporting from Fox News a team of more than 40 former law enforcement investigators, journalists, and military intelligence officers, known as The Case Breakers, believe they have identified the Zodiac Killer. Adding to an ongoing list of Zodiac Killer suspects.

Cheri Jo Bates was the Sixth Victim

The link is Zodiac Killer Victim Cheri Jo Bates. Cheri Jo Bates, 18, was found dead in an alleyway in Riverside, California, on Oct. 31, 1966. The Case Breakers believe Bates was Zodiac’s sixth victim and have tried getting investigators to compare her DNA to that of Poste. In 2016, investigators received an anonymous typed letter from someone who admitted to writing the earlier note and said it was a “sick joke”.

Zodiac Killer as Gary Francis Poste

According to a Zodiac Killer press release linked on the Case Breaker site, there are 6 coincidences around the Cheri Joe Bates Case that tie the murder to Gary Francis Pope.

  1. Wristwatch with a broken band: This watch was available at military bases; Poste was a USAF veteran.
  2. Paint on the Wristwatch: Poste was a houspainter for over 40 years
  3. Size 10 military boot heelprint: Matches Poste’s size and style
  4. Bates had clenched brown hair in her fist: Matches Poste’s hair description
  5. Forehead scars in police sketch: Poste had similar scars
  6. Matching mispelled words in Confession Letter and Holloween Card Calls Bullshit on Rolling Stone Website

No witness ever described lines on Zodiac’s forehead. Those lines were simply added by the sketch artist to fill in the sketch. The amended sketch, which is supposed to look more like Zodiac, according to witnesses, doesn’t really even have any lines. So they got rid of them. So because the witnesses were like, “We’re not really happy with that sketch that we gave you a few days ago,” they got changed. The lines went away.

In an article title, “‘Hot Garbage’: Zodiac Expert Calls ‘Bullshit’ on Possible ID of Infamous Serial Killer” Tom Voigt, editor of, debunks theories around the forehead scars in the police sketch and Poste’s name unlocking the cipers.