How Long Until The Zodiac Killer Case Is Solved? 

Zodiac Killer Case Remains Unsolved For Decades 

The Zodiac Killer terrorized the Northern Californian public during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Not only did he horrifically murder several people, but he also taunted the police forces and public alike with his letters and ciphers. It is little wonder that even so long since anyone has heard anything from the Zodiac, he still occupies a large portion of the minds of people all over the world. 

How Close Is The Zodiac Killer Case To Being Solved? 

While it is certain that we now know things we once didn’t know about the Zodiac Killer case, it is difficult to say how close we are to “solving” the case. While two of the four ciphers he wrote have been solved, 2 remain unsolved. What’s more, the two that remain are more difficult to solve due to the small number of characters in the cipher. While one of the Zodiac suggested that one of those two ciphers holds his name, he may not have been telling the truth. 

Additionally, even if we reveal the Zodiac’s identity, it’s likely that the Zodiac himself is no longer with us. The top suspects in the Zodiac Killer case – including Arthur Leigh Allen, Richard Gaikowski, and others – have all since passed away. Will we ever know if Arthur Leigh Allen or any of the other suspects actually were the Zodiac? 

The Public Uncovers Zodiac Killer Clues Through Hard Work 

While we may not yet know when the Zodiac Killer case will be solved, we know that there are many out there dedicated to uncovering clues and discovering the Zodiac’s secrets. For now, we will have to hold on to the hope that the hard work of those studying the Zodiac Killer case will pay off. 

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