How Many Ciphers Did The Zodiac Write?

The Zodiac Killer Mocks Us Decades Later 

Although it has been several decades since the last time anyone heard from the Northern California serial murder who called himself “The Zodiac,” the letters, the mysteries, and the ciphers he left behind continue to mock those who would seek answers. How long will we search for answers? How long before more answers are found? The truth is only time will tell. 

The Zodiac Enjoyed Being In The Public Eye 

Although, of course, the Zodiac never revealed himself completely, it is clear from his letters that he enjoyed having a certain amount of attention. In his letters, he sometimes penned demands that his letters and/or the details of his latest murders be published so that the public might be more aware of him. He also often said that those investigating him were far from knowing the full truth of his serial murders. After all, he claimed to have over 37 victims even though only 7 victims are currently definitely linked to his case.  

The Zodiac’s Mysterious Ciphers Still Draw Interest Today 

Along with his letters, the Zodiac sometimes sent ciphers which he encouraged his readers to try to solve. He sent a total of 4 ciphers over the years. The first cipher was sent in three parts (Cipher 1 part 1Cipher 1 part 2, and Cipher 1 part 3) to three different San Francisco newspapers in July 1969. The second cipher, commonly referred to as Z340, was sent later that same year in November. Both of these two ciphers have since been solved. 

Ciphers Z13 and Z32, however, sent in June and April of 1970 respectively, remain unsolved. Z13 in particular may hold the answer to the Zodiac’s identity since he proceeds the cipher with the words “My name is…”. 

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