How Many Zodiac Suspects Are There? 

The Zodiac Was Never Caught – But Can He Still Be Identified? 

After years of terrorizing the public and killing for twisted purposes in the 1960s and 1970s, the Zodiac went totally silent. He stopped sending letters and he was never caught or brought to justice for his horrific crimes. It’s possible, though, that through the hints he left behind, he could one day finally be identified. 

How Many Zodiac Suspects Are There? 

If the Zodiac is to be identified, it’s possible – and some may even say likely – that he will be revealed to be one of the many suspects attached to this case. How many Zodiac suspects are there, though? 

In the 50+ years since we first heard from the Zodiac, there have been thousands of Zodiac Killer suspects – as you might expect from a serial killer case that has drawn so much attention for half a century. However, the most famous Zodiac Killer suspects are the following men: 

Although all of these men have since passed away, there are still many who believe that if and when the Zodiac is identified, he will be revealed to be one of these men. 

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