Is The Zodiac Case Still Being Investigated?

The Zodiac Killer Was Never Caught – But Can He Be Identified Someday? 

Many people still remember the horror caused by the Zodiac Killer in the 1960s and 1970s. The series of murders he committed in Northern California, the way he threatened and mocked the public without revealing his identity through his letters, the mysterious ciphers he left – these are things that will not be easily forgotten. The Zodiac was never caught. Could there still be hope that his identity could be discovered? 

Is The Zodiac Killer Case Still Being Investigated? 

The most recent update about any official investigation into the Zodiac Killer case came from the FBI in October 2021. They claimed that the investigation was still open and ongoing. The members of the FBI aren’t the only ones who continue to study this case. Multiple key discoveries about this case were made by civilians – and many ordinary people continue to study this case in hopes that more information can be revealed. 

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Get To Know The Facts Of The Case 

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