Is There DNA Of The Zodiac Killer? 

How Can The Zodiac Killer Case Be Solved? 

The Zodiac Killer spent the late 1960s and early 1970s claiming victims across the Northern California area. Although it has been decades since his last officially recognized victim was discovered, his deeds and words still haunt the public today. What will it take to finally solve this famed serial killer case? Will we ever know who the Zodiac Killer really was? 

To Solve The Case We Must Fight The Spread Of Misinformation 

One of the things that blocks progress in the search for answers about the Zodiac Killer is the widespread misinformation about the case. There are many sources eager to share news, so-called evidence, and theories about the Zodiac Killer case. Unfortunately, many of these sources can be unreliable and given to spreading information that isn’t factual. 

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By sharing accurate information, we can get closer to the ultimate goal of identifying the Zodiac Killer. To that end,’s own Tom Voigt is dedicated to answering your questions about the Zodiac Killer case with accurate information. 

Is There DNA Of The Zodiac Killer? 

In Tom Voigt’s latest Zodiac Killer Q&A video, he is asked about the Zodiac Killer’s DNA. In April of 2018, another famous serial killer – the Golden State Killer – was identified thanks to DNA genealogy. The topic of using DNA samples to identify the Zodiac Killer had been a hot topic for decades already at this point, but the identification of the Golden State Killer led detectives to hope they could use the same formula to identify the Zodiac.  

What happened to this plan? Watch “Zodiac Killer: Q&A # 2 — What About The DNA?” to learn more. 

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