News Media: FBI and Local Police Have Pushed Back Against Zodiac Killer ID

Multiple Media Outlets Report Zodiac Killer Case Remains Open

National, and international outlets; NBC News, BBC News, and The Guardian, are reporting pushback against the claims the Zodiac Killer has been identified. The group responsible for the claim is known as The Case Breakers.

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, the group announced, via a press release, that a now-deceased man named Gary Francis Poste was the Zodiac Killer. Fox News was the first to publicize the press release. on Record for Calling the Claims “Hot Garbage”

On the day of the press release editor of, Tom Voigt, was interviewed and went on record calling the report “completely bogus”. We covered Tom’s initial thought in our previous article, Fox News: Cold Case Team ID’s Zodiac Killer, and followed up the Rolling Stone interview in the post titled Rolling Stone cites

NBC News: FBI rebuts claim Zodiac Killer case is solved

NBC News was able to get a comment from the FBI:

“The case remains open and there is no new information to report,” the FBI said of California’s notorious Zodiac Killer.

The Guardian: Investigation Still Open

In an article published Oct 8th, “Case of the Zodiac killer takes another twist – but police say it isn’t solved,” reports: Police say investigation remains open as former law enforcement members claim to have identified killer. The article continues, “However, police have said the investigation into the killings is still open. Law enforcement regularly receives tips about the case, including from people who believe they know the identity of the killer.”

BBC News: Authorities Rebuff Cold Case Team’s New Lead

BBC News also reports pushback from authorities, reporting, “Officials in California have said the man identified by private investigators as the so-called Zodiac Killer is not currently a suspect in the case.” The article continues further with more detail providing that both, “the FBI and local police have pushed back against the [Case Breaker] allegations.”