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The Memory Of The Zodiac Killer Murders Still Haunts America 

In what came to be one of the most well-known serial murder cases in America, the Zodiac Killer spent five years taunting, threatening, and killing the people of Northern California. The murders he has been conclusively linked to were gruesome and brutal. If the words of the Zodiac himself are to be believed, there are dozens of more murder victims that the police never succeeded in identifying as his victims. It’s little wonder that even after his killing spree seemed to have ended, police and civilians alike worked to solve the mysteries the Zodiac left behind. 

Have You Read All Of The Zodiac’s Letters? 

Of course, the Zodiac’s famous letters and ciphers cannot be absent from any discussion about the famed Zodiac Killer case. The Zodiac often used his letters as a means to both brag about his gruesome murders and to taunt those eager to find him. He challenged the police to find murder victims that had not yet been linked to him. He demanded his letters be published in the local newspapers he sent them to. If his demands were not met, he threatened to bring down yet more violence on the people of Northern California. Perhaps most importantly, his letters were the means by which he got his ciphers out to the public. 

Can You Use The Zodiac’s Letters To Crack The Case? 

If the Zodiac Killer is ever identified, it is sure that his letters and ciphers will play a huge role. Countless people have poured over his letters and ciphers, hoping to glean the necessary information to identify the Zodiac. Can you succeed where others have failed? 

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You can familiarize yourself with all of the Zodiac Killer’s letters and ciphers in Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts by Tom Voigt. Zodiac Killer: Just The Facts offers its readers an easy-to-follow chronological detail of the police reports, letters, and cryptograms linked to the Zodiac Killer case. With its easily searchable index, Zodiac Killer buffs can get right to the information they want to read the most. Are you ready to study the Zodiac’s letters and cryptograms? 

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