Richard Gaikowski’s Passport Info


In 2008, shortly after the online Zodiac masses began to learn about Richard Gaikowski, an article came to light which Gaikowski had written back in late 2003. The article detailed Gaikowski’s life in Albany, NY from when he had lived there in the late 1960s, working for the local newspaper. The article concluded with:

“I felt burned out and left The Knickerbocker News at the end of September (1968) and headed for Europe to lick my wounds.”

To an extremely vocal minority, Gaikowski’s vague “headed for Europe” claim was heralded as “proof” that Richard Gaikowski was in Europe on exactly Dec. 20, 1968, and thus could not be the Zodiac killer. However, let’s look at the facts:

*As clearly seen below, Richard Gaikowski applied for a passport in early October 1968, intending to visit the United Kingdom, France, and Spain.

*Gaikowski planned to return to the United States by December 1, 1968.
(That return date would be nearly three weeks prior to the Zodiac killer’s first San Francisco area murders.)



*CONCLUSION: There is literally no evidence supporting the myth that Richard Gaikowski was out of the United States in December 1968 — including his having allegedly authored a newspaper article from Ireland. So, you might wonder, how did Gaikowski’s “headed for Europe” claim somehow become unequivocal “proof” of his innocence? Simple — also see: The Man Behind The Falsehoods

5 thoughts on “Richard Gaikowski’s Passport Info

  1. floyd

    The zodiac was shown to have a receding hairline by witnesses, which was his most noticeable feature. He would have been relatively bald by late life.
    Gaikowski had a full head of hair all his life and appeared skinny compared to zodiac.
    I dont believe gaikowski was the zodiac.

    1. Tom Voigt Post author

      The Zodiac killer was literally never described as having a receding hairline by anyone who saw him, unless you count an elderly Officer Fouke, who in 2008 claimed Zodiac had sort of a widow’s peak, which Fouke didn’t mention back in November 1969 when he put his report together. Fouke’s story changed quite a bit as he aged.

      As for Gaikowski’s build, during the relevant time he was always described as being stocky and/or stout. For comparison, here’s a pic of Gaikowski (right) next to Timothy Leary:

  2. Roger Hood

    Oh let it go, Tom – he wasn’t the Zodiac. Somewhere on there’s a vid of you saying “It’s this guy” – and you nod to Arthur Leigh Allen.
    It’s neither ALA or RG.

    1. Tom Voigt Post author

      “Tom, of the suspects on your website, which one do people think is the Zodiac?”

      That is what you were referring to. And it was back in 2001.

  3. Christopher Winker

    I read quiet a lot about the Zodiac Killer back in the day on the older Webpage of yours and since I watch the movie twice in the last week, I started reading up on it again.

    So this time, I don’t know if this makes sense …
    • Michael Mageau said, Darlene mentioned to have seen Richard, a jealous friend of her who kept chasing them at that day. “Kept saying, don’t worry about him”
    • He mentioned that Darlene also said, he would kill me if He saw me with someone else
    • “Average looking guy” fits perfectly

    But what strikes me was …
    • The movie mentions that The Zodiac Killer was copying details and infos 1:1 from the newspapers, probably just to make a fool out of them, as a joke or whatever.
    • There are info Richard Gaikowski did the same, plagiarism at the time when he supposedly was in Europe, if he was or not … he copied articles (source Taptalk forum)

    There are so much details about Richard, like on Wednesday he had to work long hours and the Zodiac didn’t send one letter on this day … could be a coincidence. Good Times Newspaper was close to the residence of the killing of Paul Stine. From the couple audio files, he kinda had a calm voice and he seems he would be chilled in stressful times. And Nancy somehow confirmed that his voice sounds so too familiar to the voice of the Zodiac first call. And he even talks about the Zodiac coding, with some explanation.

    Coming back, did people already talked about the plagiarism detail … like connecting Richard to the Zodiac Killer? Or looking into the friend of Darlene named Richard?

    Seems like he is a perfect match!

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