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The description for the following Rolling Stone YouTube video reads: Despite what you may have read in the news, the Zodiac Killer has not been identified. That’s according to an expert on the infamous, still-unknown serial killer who murdered at least five people in northern California in the late-Sixties.

Video is Follow up to Published Article

The article published on Oct 6, 2021, predates the YouTube video by one day. The headline of the article, “‘Hot Garbage’: Zodiac Expert Calls ‘Bullshit’ on Possible ID of Infamous Serial Killer” is a quote from the editor of this website, Tom Voight. The headline is followed by the subheading, “Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts author Tom Voigt tells us why the new report about Zodiac Killer’s identity is “completely bogus”

Full Interview with Tom Voigt

In the Rolling Stone article, Tom is asked about the Case Breakers, the group that claimed to identify Gary Francis Poste as the Zodiac Killer. Excerpt below:

Are you familiar with the Case Breakers?
First of all, the funny thing is, I’ve never heard of any of these people that are these so-called experts. I have been doing this for 25 years and I’ve never heard of any of them. So that there are some red flags right off the bat. And then the funny thing is, they’re matching up lines on foreheads. No witness ever described lines on Zodiac’s forehead. Those lines were simply added by the sketch artist to fill in the sketch. The amended sketch, which is supposed to look more like Zodiac, according to witnesses, doesn’t really even have any lines. So they got rid of them. So because the witnesses were like, “We’re not really happy with that sketch that we gave you a few days ago,” they got changed. The lines went away. No witness ever described that.

Gaikowski a More Likely Suspect

In the same article. Tom Voigt is also asked about his picks for Zodiac Killer Suspects.

If you had to put your money on one suspect, who would it be?
Richard Gaikowski is my best bet. If I was an employer looking to hire the Zodiac, he’d probably have the most impressive résumé in my eyes. But the reality is that Allen is the suspect you just can’t quit. I just can’t quit that “Big Al,” especially now I’m going over all these old emails and tips and leads going back 25 years. And some of the stuff that was said to me about how it is just mind-boggling. Yeah. If he wasn’t, if he wasn’t the Zodiac, he might be responsible for some other murders.

Read Full Article at Rolling Stone

Read the full Rolling Stone article. The article also includes how Tom Voigt got interested in the Zodiac Killer case and more candid insights into the Poste claims by the Case Breakers.

Read More Facts In Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts 

Tom Voigt’s Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts is the perfect read for those who want to know just the facts about the Zodiac Killer case. Police reports, letters, and ciphers are ordered chronologically, making for a straightforward and easy read. Looking for particular information? Just use the searchable index.