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The Zodiac Killer Case Remains Unsolved 

The Zodiac Killer case is undoubtedly one of the most well-known serial killer cases across the world. Although, as far as we know, his crimes ended decades ago after his killing spree in Northern California during the 1960s and 1970s, people all over the world remain dedicated to studying the case. Those most dedicated to studying the Zodiac Killer case remain undaunted, despite all the time that has passed since his infamous murders all those years ago. Could it be that the last mysteries of the Zodiac Killer will be uncovered by those who remain dedicated to solving them? 

Do You Want To Start Your Investigation Of The Zodiac Killer? 

Are you interested in joining those who hope to solve the final Zodiac Killer mysteries? Do you wonder where you should begin your investigation? You’ve come to the right place. Tom Voigt began in 1998. Since then, the information made available through has been a valued resource for those studying the case. 

Start With The Frequently Asked Questions – Then Get More Specific 

A good place to start if you don’t know much about the case is with the Zodiac Killer FAQ. This will give you a basic rundown of the facts. Then, when you’re ready to study more specific details, you can try going over the confirmed Zodiac victims, the popular Zodiac suspects, or even read the Zodiac’s letters

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Want to easily reference information about the Zodiac Killer case even when you’re away from your computer? Get a copy of Tom Voigt’s Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts. Read the information in chronological order or use the easily searchable index to find what you want to read at any given moment. 

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Tom Voigt is responsible for the creation, curation, and editing of the #1 Zodiac Killer website, Launched in 1998, remains the ONLY Zodiac Killer website recognized by law enforcement. To learn more about the release of Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts, as well as other information about the Zodiac Killer case, visit today.