The Debut of “Zodiac” Letter 

The Zodiac’s Letters Remain A Clue To The Mystery Of The Zodiac Case 

Decades after his killing spree in Northern California, the Zodiac remains a popular topic of study. Doubtless, the taunting and the threats made in his letters are one of the many reasons the Zodiac Killer case continues to draw so much attention. Many hope that the continued study of his letters and ciphers may someday, at last, provide the answer to the Zodiac’s true identity. 

The Debut Of “Zodiac” Letter 

Although in his first set of letters he made no effort to name himself, it wasn’t long before the Zodiac gave himself his self-appointed alias. After his first set of three letters was sent on July 31st of 1969, he sent another letter in August of that same year. 

It was in this letter, sent to The San Francisco Examiner, that he first penned the words that would later open so many of his other letters: “This is the Zodiac speaking.” Thus, the Zodiac gave himself the only name we have to refer to him by to this day. 

In this letter, the Zodiac gave even more details about the murders of David Faraday, Betty Lou Jensen, and Darlene Ferrin as well as the assault of Mike Mageau. As of the sending of this letter, his first cipher had not been solved. He asks the editor if the police are having fun with his cipher. 

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