The First Zodiac Letter 

The Zodiac Killer Mocked The Public For Years 

It is no wonder that, even decades after the last of his known activity in Northern California, the Zodiac Killer case still haunts not only the people of Northern California but people all over the country. His threatening letters and taunting ciphers are still examined to this day in hopes that his identity may, at last, be revealed. 

What Was The First Zodiac Killer Letter? 

Given that the earliest officially recognized victims of the Zodiac Killer are David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen (both killed December 20th, 1968), the first letter sent by the Zodiac would actually be the set of three basically identical letters he sent to three different papers in the Northern California area. 

On July 31st, 1969, the Zodiac sent letters to The Vallejo Times-HeraldThe San Francisco Examiner, and The San Francisco Chronicle. In these letters, he admits not only to killing David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen the previous December, but also Darlene Ferrin earlier in the same month the letters were sent, just after the 4th of July.  

In the letters, he is eager to prove he is the killer and lists facts about each case he claims only himself and the police investigating these cases would know. He goes on to demand that each paper print his first cipher, sent in 3 parts, on their front page. He threatens that a failure to comply would send him on a murderous rampage.  

These first letters alone allow us to know quite a bit about the mindset of the man who would later dub himself the Zodiac. He’s prideful. He’s vain. He wants attention for the things he’s done. Yet, for what we might glean of his character from his letters, his identity remains a mystery.  

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