The Zodiac Killer Case: What You Should Know


The Zodiac Killer Case Might Yet Be Solved 

Although the Zodiac Killer case is decades old and remains unsolved, there are still many people dedicated to unraveling its mysteries. Perhaps someday we will know for certain who the Zodiac really is thanks to the efforts of those who continue to study the Zodiac Killer case. 

The Zodiac Killer Case: What You Should Know 

If you’ve only recently begun reading about the Zodiac Killer case, here are a few things worth familiarizing yourself with. 

The Zodiac’s Victims 

Although the Zodiac claimed in his letters to have taken many more victims than were ever officially found or linked to him, there remain only a few official Zodiac victims. He has seven officially recognized victims in total – and two of those victims were fortunate enough to survive! 

The Zodiac Suspects 

Although he was never officially identified, many possible suspects could have been the Zodiac. The suspects who have drawn the most attention over the years include Richard Gaikowski, Arthur Leigh Allen, Rick Marshall, and Lawrence Kane

The Zodiac’s Letters And Ciphers 

What made the Zodiac Killer case so unique in its time in large part is thanks to the letters and ciphers the Zodiac himself sent to the public over the course of his murdering spree in Northern California. The letters and ciphers provide a look into his psyche that would have otherwise remained unknown to us. 

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