The Zodiac Killer’s Bomb 

The Zodiac Killer Case Is Full Of Mystery 

More than 50 years after the Zodiac Killer first began to draw the attention of the public through his string of horrific murders and cryptic letters, people are still trying to unravel this serial killer case’s mysteries. Can the Zodiac Killer case be solved so long after the fact? Will we ever know who was responsible for the murders that took place over the 1960s and 1970s in Northern California? 

The Zodiac Killer’s Bus Bomb 

After the December 20th letter in which the Zodiac makes an uncharacteristic plea for help, his next letter is very much a return to form. This letter, commonly referred to as the “My name is” Letter, was sent on April 20th, 1970 to The San Francisco Chronicle

He opens with a cryptic cipher that he suggests might reveal his name. Next, he wonders about how much “money [they] have on [his] head.” He clarifies that a recent policeman’s death by a bomb was not his responsibility, and he wouldn’t kill a policeman because “it wouldn’t doo [sic] to move in on someone elses [sic] territory.” He admits that he finds that there would be “more glory in killing a cop” than there would be in killing a kid because “a cop can shoot back.” It’s then that the Zodiac admits that his bomb – which he planned to plant on a bus full of children – was a “dud” because he was “swamped out” by a recent rain. 

It was surely a relief that his plan to bomb a bus didn’t come to fruition. However, this letter seems particularly puzzling following the previous letter to Belli. The two letters show how drastically the moods of the Zodiac could vary when he wrote his letters. 

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