The Zodiac’s Button Letter 

Zodiac Killer Mysteries Remain Unsolved 

Even after decades of dedicated people all over the world attempting to solve the Zodiac Killer’s final mysteries, we still have questions left unanswered. How long will the serial killer who terrorized the Northern California area in the 1960s and 1970s haunt us? How long until he is finally identified? 

The Zodiac’s Button Letter 

Without knowing his identity, the biggest clue we have into the Zodiac’s motivations and how his mind worked are the letters he himself sent. One such letter is now commonly referred to simply as the “Button Letter.” The Zodiac sent this letter to The San Francisco Chronicle on June 26, 1970. In a previous letter, he’d mentioned how certain decorative buttons, which could be worn pinned to one’s clothes, were in fashion. He then expressed that he wanted to see the people of San Francisco wear Zodiac Killer themed buttons, decorated with the crosshair-like symbol he often wrote in his letters. 

In the “Button Letter,” the Zodiac is displeased because no one has begun to wear such buttons. He laments that he will not be able to follow through on his threat to “[annihilate] a full School Buss[sic]” because school is out for the summer. He says that instead he shot a man in a parked car, then challenges the readers and authorities to find a bomb he’s hidden with the aid of a map and what would be his final cipher. 

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