The Zodiac’s Halloween Card 

Read The Words Of The Zodiac Himself 

Although the Zodiac’s true identity has yet to be uncovered, he left plenty behind for us to study. Perhaps through analyzing the words he left behind, this famous Northern California serial killer can finally be identified. You too can read the words of the Zodiac himself by taking a look at the Zodiac’s letters

The Zodiac’s Halloween Card 

On October 27th, 1970, the Zodiac Killer sent a Halloween Card to The San Francisco Chronicle. His penchant for picking out joke-y cards to send his threatening messages on would be well known by this point, after similar incidents with the Dripping Pen card and the Dragon card

It’s easy to see why this particular Halloween card would appeal to the Zodiac. It seems the card was meant to be anonymously sent to one of your friends because the message that comes already printed on the card teases the reader about the sender’s identity. It reads: 


I feel it in my bones, 

You ache to know my name 

And so I’ll clue you in… 

But, then, why spoil the game!” 

The Zodiac’s additions are an acrostic-style writing of the words “Paradice” [sic] and “Slaves” – a reminder of his belief that his victims will serve him as slaves in the afterlife. Then, surrounding the acrostic, he writes “By fire,” “By gun,” “By knife,” and “By rope” – presumably, hints at how he might kill his victims. On the envelope, he writes “sorry no cipher” twice, formatting his words to make a big “X.” 

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