The Zodiac’s Second Cipher 

The Zodiac Killer Case Is Shrouded In Mystery 

Despite the fact that the Zodiac’s killing spree in Northern California has been over for decades, the Zodiac Killer case still haunts our memories. The Zodiac revealed much about himself – his motives, his beliefs, his bloodlust – in his letters, and yet we still don’t know who he is. Is it possible that this mystery might still be solved? 

The Zodiac’s Second Cipher 

One of the things the Zodiac is most remembered for are his curious ciphers. The first was sent in three parts to three different newspaper publications on July 31st, 1969. Just over 3 months later, on October 13th, he sends his second cipher. This cipher, commonly referred to as the Z340 due to the number of characters in the cipher, was sent to The San Francisco Chronicle alongside the “Dripping Pen” card

What Does Cipher Z340 Say? 

The Z340 Cipher is one of the two Zodiac ciphers to have been solved. In fact, the Z340 is the most recently solved of the two. The solution was found in December of 2020 – 51 years after the cipher was originally sent! Although the FBI announced the solution to the cipher, it wasn’t professional law enforcement that solved the cipher. The team who decoded the Z340 cipher included people from all over the world – including the U.S., Australia, and Belgium. 

In the Z340 Cipher, much like in the first cipher, the Zodiac talks about his belief that his victims will be forced to serve him in the afterlife. He says he is “not afraid of the gas chamber because it will send [him] to paradice all the sooner.” He also says that he “now [has] enough slaves to work for [him].” He goes on to say that others fear death because they will have nothing – no slaves – in the afterlife, but he is “not afraid because [he] know[s] that [his] new life will be an easy one in paradice death.” 

The cipher reveals much about the Zodiac’s twisted perspectives and his motives for murder. 

Can The Final Two Ciphers Be Solved? 

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