Will The Z13 Cipher Ever Be Solved?

The Zodiac Killer Case Remains Unsolved After 52 Years 

The American imagination is still haunted by the famous Zodiac killings in Northern California, now 52 years after the fact. Seven confirmed victims, only two of which survived, were unfortunate enough to cross paths with this famous serial killer in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The Zodiac himself, however, claimed that his body count was much higher – around 37 victims total. 

Those facts alone are haunting enough, but there is more that makes the Zodiac linger so in the minds and hearts of many. His taunting, threatening letters, and his mysterious ciphers have drawn many to this serial killer case. Many believe that this 52-year-old cold case might even be solved someday if the last two ciphers – Z32 and Z13. 

Ziraoui’s Z32 And Z13 Solutions Likely To Be A False Positive 

One recent attempt to solve the Z32 and Z13 Zodiac ciphers has gained quite a bit of attention recently. Indeed, French business consultant Fayçal Ziraoui’s attempts to crack these final two codes prove that the Zodiac’s taunting messages strike a chord beyond the borders of America. The Zodiac’s promise that his Z13 cipher could contain his identity is enough for amateur sleuths all over the world to try their hand at code-cracking. 

As of this moment, it seems unlikely that Ziraoui’s solutions to the Z32 and Z13 ciphers are true solutions. While the F.B.I. acknowledged the solution found for the Z340 cipher at the end of last year, they have yet to comment on Ziraoui’s solutions. Online communities are also skeptical of Ziraoui’s cipher solutions. 

Part of the issue with the solutions Ziraoui has posed is that he appears to have reached his answers through the use of “smoke and mirrors,” as our own Tom Voigt claims. Countless professionals and civilians have spent decades examining this case. Yet Ziraoui claims to have reached his answers in just two weeks. Voight has expressed doubt that someone could reach the correct solutions after only spending “a little bit of time to solve [the ciphers].” 

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