Zodiac Killer Archives: 1998

Dec. 24, 1998) Monday night I returned from a five-day trip to the Bay Area, during which I was able to meet with two of the original Zodiac detectives. Sunday I spent about 20 minutes with former SFPD inspector Dave Toschi. On Monday I had lunch with Ken Narlow, formerly of the Napa County Sheriff’s Department. Both were very friendly and informative. In Vallejo I spent several hours with former Vallejo police officer Steve Baldino searching for surviving Zodiac victim Mike Mageau. Apparently Mageau is back in hiding.

Dec. 2, 1998) Yesterday I was a guest on The Howard Stern Show. Based on the huge number of e-mail I have been receiving, the segment was at least entertaining, if not informative. Thanks to Howard for having me on.

Nov. 26, 1998) Earlier this week I spoke with former Vallejo police officers Ed Rust and Steve Baldino. Rust was involved in the Darlene Ferrin murder investigation and Baldino was a close friend of Darlene’s family. Both were very informative. Rust told me that Darlene was alive after the shooting, which contradicts testimony of officer Richard Hoffman. Hoffman was first at the crime scene and maintains that Darlene was “very much dead.” Both Rust and Hoffman agree, however, that there were no signs of sexual activity between Ferrin and Mike Mageau. When Darlene’s sister, Pam Huckaby, asked if it looked like Ferrin and Mageau were physically involved at the time of the attack, Hoffman said “Hell no!” Rust was equally as adamant during our conversation.

Nov. 20, 1998) Wednesday night I finally watched Zodiac, the low-budget early 1970s film inspired by the case. It was by far the worst movie I’ve ever seen and I’m not exaggerating. At least now I can say that I’ve seen it. Surprisingly, there were only a few scenes that had anything to do with the case, although that was the least of the problems with this movie. The night before, I watched The Limbic Region, an early 1990s film also based on the case. It’s worth seeing, (especially compared to Zodiac) with the plot being the duel between an Inspector Toschi-type character and his suspect, who is based on Arthur Leigh Allen.

Nov. 15, 1998) The America’s Most Wanted feature on Zodiac finally aired last night and I was very happy with the final product. Very gutsy of John Walsh and company to name Lawrence Kane as a suspect on national television. I watched the show with Pam Huckaby, sister of Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin. Pam will post her thoughts on the show at this site in the next few days. Besides a few minor errors, (showing a picture of Donna Lass during the Bates segment, for example) AMW did a good job presenting a general overview on an extraordinary case.

Nov. 13, 1998) Even though I was bumped from The Howard Stern Show due to a couple of segments running long, Howard was nice enough to mention this site and give the web address. He also mentioned the America’s Most Wanted episode airing tomorrow night. I have been rescheduled as a guest on Dec. 1.

Nov. 12, 1998) It seems as if everybody has a theory about what Zodiac’s “My name is-” cipher means. Recent developments indicate the cipher might be a ruse, rather than containing the killer’s identity. Click here for the amazing details.

Nov. 9, 1998) This Friday, Nov. 13, I will be a guest on The Howard Stern Show. One of Howard’s producers called me this morning with the offer. The plan is for Howard to interview me live, via telephone, from the radio station where I work. I will be plugging this website, as well as my appearance on Saturday’s America’s Most Wanted episode on Fox TV.

Nov. 5, 1998) Monday was a big day, as I was able to contact Pam Huckaby, Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin’s sister. We talked for over an hour on the phone and the next night I visited her home. Pam has a wealth of Zodiac-related materials, many of which she has promised to share with zodiackiller.net. Outspoken and devoted to bringing her sister’s killer to justice, Pam has found criticism upon occasion. However, I find her to be very helpful and generous.

Oct. 30, 1998) After much anticipation, last night I was able to speak with one of the original Zodiac investigators, retired Napa County Sheriff’s detective Ken Narlow. The conversation lasted about 35 minutes and was very informative. The most important detail Narlow revealed was that, as far as he knows, Arthur Leigh Allen can’t be placed in the area of the Lake Berryessa murder. To Narlow’s knowledge, Allen was NOT issued a citation in Napa County in late September 1969. (The Allen/citation story was told to me by a since-discredited author a few years ago.)

Oct. 21, 1998) This website was featured on the front page of Sunday’s Vallejo Times-Herald. (Oct. 18, 1998.) I will post the full story within a couple of days. Thanks to the Times-Herald for its acknowledgment.

Oct. 9, 1998) The America’s Most Wanted shoot went great, at least the two days I saw. The segment will air this Nov. 21 and I will post the photos I took as soon as I get permission from Fox TV. Dean Ferrin was on hand for several hours on Thursday, although he wasn’t interviewed on camera. He and I appeared on Fox News San Francisco. I was also interviewed by Fox News from Sacramento.

Oct. 4, 1998) Wednesday I am being flown to San Francisco by America’s Most Wanted. AMW will be spending several days in the Bay Area filming for an upcoming episode on Zodiac. Apparantly I will be interviewed on camera at the crime scenes. The episode will air this November. I will post details of my trip later in the week.

Sept. 23, 1998) Monday I returned from a brief vacation in Vallejo, Calif. I was able to gather many photos and documents relating to this case. The highlight of my trip was the hour I spent with Dean Ferrin. (Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin’s husband in 1969.) Dean was kind enough to answer all of my questions and he even gave me several color photos of Darlene from the late 1960s.

Sept. 6, 1998) Was Zodiac a musician? Based on his letters, we know that he professed a fondness for Gilbert & Sullivan. I recently discovered another possible solution to Zodiac’s cross-circle symbol. It points to Zodiac being more than just a casual music lover. Click here for a look.

Aug. 17, 1998) Big news: I have purchased the domain name “zodiackiller.net.” This site will be located at that address by the end of August. Also, last week I received some exciting materials, including the police report of possible Zodiac victim Kathleen Johns. Another item of interest that I received was the entire Zodiac killer comic book.

May 9, 1998) For years there has been speculation about what, if anything, Zodiac’s cross-circle symbol means. Needless to say, I was quite surprised to stumble upon this possible solution.

May 6, 1998) I spoke with Detective DiStefano of the Vallejo Police Department, who has been in charge of the Zodiac “file” since January. DiStefano informed me that Vallejo considers the case to be unsolved. He was at a loss to explain the comments made by former captain Roy Conway. (See April 16, 1998 post below.)

April 18, 1998) William Beeman, who wrote a book several years ago accusing his brother, Jack, of the Zodiac crimes, is backing off his claim. Over the phone I was informed William “no longer wishes to discuss that” subject. His book, Jack The Zodiac, is no longer available. Jack Steadman Beeman died in Arizona in the mid-1980s and never had a chance to respond to the allegations.

April 16, 1998) It now appears that Roy Conway, former captain of the Vallejo Police Department (VPD), may have been only speculating by telling the San Francisco Chronicle in 1994, “If Allen (Arthur Leigh) were alive today, we would file charges against him as the Zodiac.” I recently learned that VPD still considers the case unsolved and even has a detective assigned to it. I will post results of all my future conversations with this detective.