Zodiac Killer – Look At The Facts 

zodiac killer

What Do You Know About The Zodiac Killer Case? 

The Zodiac Killer is one of the most infamous serial killer cases in the world. While the Zodiac’s activity was limited to the Northern California area during the 1960s and 1970s, this case is still studied all around the world. Are you ready to learn more about the Zodiac Killer case? Do you want to learn what there is to know about the Zodiac? 

Take A Look At The Facts 

Some of the information about the Zodiac Killer case isn’t straightforward. Though the Zodiac claimed credit for 30+ victims, only 7 victims were definitively linked to him. There are many Zodiac suspects, but no suspect has been definitively identified as the Zodiac. The Zodiac’s mysterious ciphers imply that they hold answers, but the Zodiac was known for mocking the police and the public behind the relative safety of anonymous letters. 

With all these confusing details, it may seem like it will be impossible to ever fully solve this save. However, if we closely study the facts, we may yet find answers. We can study the Zodiac’s known victims, the Zodiac’s letters and ciphers, and more. 

Take A Look At The Facts Today 

The public has more access to information about the Zodiac Killer case now than we ever have before. Tom Voigt’s Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts provides a look into some of that crucial information. This book holds over 200 pages of police reports, ordered chronically for your convenience. With an easily searchable index, you can quickly pinpoint particular information in these reports. 

Information Gathered From the #1 Zodiac Killer Website 

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