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Zodiac Killer Archives: 2001

Dec. 20, 2001) Today is the 33rd anniversary of the Zodiac killer's Lake Herman Road attack, which killed David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen. The Faraday-Jensen page has been updated with new information, including police and autopsy reports. Click here for the update. Nov. 11, 2001) The Zodiac Audio page ...
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Zodiac Killer Archives: 2000

Dec. 24, 2000) As a Christmas present for all of the loyal visitors to this site, I've posted the first 22 pages of the Lake Berryessa police report. Dec. 13, 2000) Paul Avery has died.The former reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle was probably best known for his active involvement ...
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Zodiac Killer Archives: 1999

Oct. 11, 1999) Last night I thoroughly enjoyed The Learning Channel's Case Reopened documentary about the Zodiac case. However, during the show I received a very angry phone call from Bud Kelley, formerly of the Riverside Police Department. Kelley is an expert on the Cheri Jo Bates homicide and was ...
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Zodiac Killer Archives: 1998

Dec. 24, 1998) Monday night I returned from a five-day trip to the Bay Area, during which I was able to meet with two of the original Zodiac detectives. Sunday I spent about 20 minutes with former SFPD inspector Dave Toschi. On Monday I had lunch with Ken Narlow, formerly ...
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Roy Conway Speculates

It now appears that Roy Conway, former captain of the Vallejo Police Department (VPD), may have been only speculating by telling the San Francisco Chronicle in 1994, "If Allen (Arthur Leigh) were alive today, we would file charges against him as the Zodiac." I recently learned that VPD still considers the case ...
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Zodiac Letters: 1969 Vallejo Times-Herald Letter and Cipher

In July 1969 a letter was mailed to the Vallejo Times-Herald. It also contained the first of three ciphers. The letters claimed credit for the first two attacks at Lake Herman Road of Betty Lou Jensen and David Arthur Faraday on December 20th, 1968, Vallejo Times-Herald Letter (Transcript Below) Vallejo ...
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Zodiac Letters: 1967 April 30th

On April 30th, 1967 the Zodiac Killer mailed three letters. One to Riverside Press-Enterprise, one to Joseph Bates, the victim Cheri Jo Bate's father, and the Riverside Police department. All three were postmarked from Riverside, Calif. Letter/Envelope 01: Sent to Riverside Press-Enterprise Letter/Envelope 02: Sent to Joseph Bates, victim's father ...
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Zodiac Letters: 1966 December Riverside Desktop Poem

In December of 1966, a desktop poem was discovered at the Riverside City College Library. If the poem is referring to the victim Cheri Jo Bates it would have been written before October 30th, 1966. Transcript below: Sick of living/unwilling to die cut.clean.if red /clean.blood spurting, dripping, spilling;all over her ...
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