Can You Solve The Zodiac Killer Case? 

The Zodiac Killer Case: Serial Killer Cold Case Remains Unsolved 5+ Decades Later! 

It’s been roughly 55 years since the beginning of the rash of murders that haunted the Northern California area in the 1960s and 1970s. For decades, police forces have tried to crack the famous Zodiac ciphers and identify the killer. Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, cipher specialists, and even concerned citizens, the case remains cold. Do you have what it takes to solve the Zodiac Killer case? 

Get to Know the Victims, the Suspects, the Letters 

If you’re interested in this famous serial killer case, there is a lot of information to familiarize yourself with first. For example, while the Zodiac claimed responsibility for 37 victims over the course of his killing spree, he was only conclusively linked to 8 victims. While there were thousands of suspects in the Zodiac Killer case, there are 4 suspects that drew the most attention. Finally, the Zodiac sent many letters, some with accompanying ciphers, while he was actively looking for new victims. All of this information must be considered to crack the case. 

Get the Facts Straight with Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts 

If you’re looking for a straightforward and accurate summary of the facts about the Zodiac Killer case as we know them today, then you’ll want to read Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts by Tom Voigt. This book is a chronological collection of important Zodiac Killer case information, including police reports as well as letters from the Zodiac. Tom Voigt provides only the facts as we know them so you can see the case with clear eyes. 

Information Gathered From the #1 Zodiac Killer Website 

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