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Whispers of the Past: Unanswered Questions About Cheri Jo Bates 

In the final part of our series, we explore the lingering questions and unresolved mysteries surrounding Cheri Josephine Bates’ murder. Despite decades of investigation, many aspects of the case remain shrouded in mystery. Join us as we delve into these unanswered questions and consider their implications.  The Motive: Why Cheri Bates?  One of the most […]

The Unofficial Zodiac Killer Expert: Tom Voigt 

The Zodiac Killer: The Hunt For Answers Continues  People all over the world have been looking for answers to our final questions about the Zodiac Killer case for decades. After terrorizing the public of the Bay Area of Northern California through the late 1960s and early 1970s, all word from the Zodiac suddenly stopped one […]

Where To Start Your Investigation Of The Zodiac Killer 

Zodiac Killer’s Identity Remains A Mystery – The Investigation Continues  The Zodiac Killer is perhaps one of the most famous criminals in American history. After terrorizing the people of Northern California through his horrific crimes and taunting letters, he simply disappeared. His letters stopped arriving sometime in the mid- to late- 1970s – a loss […]

The Zodiac Killer Case: What Reveal Do You Anticipate Next? 

Join The Investigation Of The Zodiac Killer Case  While the Zodiac Killer case is not currently being investigated in an official capacity, the investigation continues thanks to individuals who refuse to stop looking for answers. The Zodiac Killer is known for his early 1960s and late 1970s crimes in Northern California. More than 50 years […]

The Zodiac’s Total Victim Count Revealed 50 Years Ago 

The Zodiac Killer Case Began 55 Years Ago  The Zodiac Killer terrorized the people of Northern California during the late 1960s and early 1970s. More than 50 years later, those who remain dedicated to studying this case hope to find answers to the Zodiac Killer’s final mysteries.  Zodiac Killer History: The Zodiac’s Total Victim Count  […]

The Zodiac Killer Case Remains Unsolved – For Now 

Although decades have passed since the Zodiac killer terrorized the Northern Californian public through the late 1960s and early 1970s, the search for answers continues. Although the case is unsolved for now, time and the dedicated efforts of those studying the case have provided us with answers we previously didn’t have. Will you help find […]

Zodiac Killer: Just The Facts – A Unique Gift Idea

What We’ve Learned About The Zodiac Killer  The Zodiac Killer case has been s subject of study for more than half a century. During that time, the public has gained access to a wealth of information that previously wasn’t available. With this information, do we have a better chance of solving the serial Killer case […]

Zodiac Killer Case Resources 

The Zodiac Killer Case Remains Unsolved For Over 50 Years  Nearly 55 years ago, the Zodiac claimed the lives of his first two victims – or, at least, the first two victims that we know of. From December 1968 through the early 1970s, the Zodiac Killer continued his hunt for victims while holding the public’s […]

Join Our Discord To Discuss Zodiac Killer Theories 

Mysteries Of The Zodiac Killer Case  More than 50 years ago, the killer who named himself The Zodiac began claiming victims in Northern California. Over the next few years, he continued to hunt for victims while making his presence known to the public at large through his frightening letters. Although the case is considered by […]

Unanswered Questions: The Zodiac Killer Case 

Can You Help Solve The Zodiac Killer Case?  The Zodiac Killer is perhaps one of the most infamous serial killers in American history. Throughout his activity during the late 1960s to early 1970s in Northern California, he not only claimed lives – he also taunted the public through his threatening letters and ciphers. Now, more […]