The Zodiac’s Total Victim Count Revealed 50 Years Ago 

The Zodiac Killer Case Began 55 Years Ago 

The Zodiac Killer terrorized the people of Northern California during the late 1960s and early 1970s. More than 50 years later, those who remain dedicated to studying this case hope to find answers to the Zodiac Killer’s final mysteries. 

Zodiac Killer History: The Zodiac’s Total Victim Count 

Although only 7 victims remain proven to be linked to the Zodiac Killer case, the Zodiac himself claimed that he had many more victims. In fact, his final count for victims – which he sometimes detailed in his letters – is 37. 

The Zodiac’s Exorcist Letter – 50 Years Ago 

This number was revealed in the Zodiac’s Exorcist Letter. He opens the letter by detailing that he saw The Exorcist, which would have premiered in theaters roughly 1 month before he sent this letter. He refers to the movie as a “satirical comidy[sic].” By the end of the letter, the Zodiac updates his victim count with a simple tally: “Me – 37 / SFPD – 0.” 

As of this week, this letter – sent January 29th, 1974 – is now 50 years old. If we take the Zodiac’s word as true, most of his victims have either not been found or have not been linked to him. 

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