Nancy Bennallack Murder Solved!

Do We Know Who The Zodiac Was? 

Nancy Bennallack Murder Solved!

The Zodiac Killer Case May Yet Be Solved 

It has been decades since anyone heard from the notorious Zodiac Killer – the man who took the lives of many victims in Northern California in the 1960s and 1970s and who also terrorized and mocked the public with his letters and ciphers. Although more than 50 years later the Zodiac Killer case remains unsolved, many still hope to uncover his identity. 

Do We Know Who The Zodiac Killer Was? 

Over the years, there have been numerous possible suspects associated with the Zodiac Killer case. Some of those potential suspects have since been dismissed as suspects while others still remain in question.  

It’s quite possible that any of the suspects associated with the Zodiac Killer case over the years may have actually been the Zodiac. In fact, many who have been following the Zodiac Killer case over the years will point to one of the most prominent suspects as their pick for who the Zodiac really was. There’s reason enough to continue to suspect Richard Gaikowski, Arthur Leigh Allen, Rick Marshall, and Lawrence Kane of being the Zodiac Killer. 

There’s also the possibility, however, that we are far off the mark in identifying the Zodiac. Perhaps he slipped under the collective radar of police forces and the public entirely. Maybe he was never officially recognized as a suspect. Still – that won’t stop the people who are determined to find out his identity from continuing to study the Zodiac Killer case. 

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