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The Zodiac Killer Case – Unanswered Questions 

The Zodiac Killer terrified the people of Northern California for years. Through the late 1960s and early 1970s, he claimed the lives of victims while threatening and mocking the public with his letters. More than 50 years later, it isn’t just the citizens of Northern California who are concerned with finding the answers to the final questions about the Zodiac Killer case. All over the world, the search for those answers continues. 

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Although the Zodiac Killer case began more than 50 years ago, it may surprise you to learn that the occasional release of news related to this case is more common than you think. After all, it was less than three years ago now that the Z 340 cipher was finally solved. Even more recently, new information was revealed about the bloody fingerprints left on Paul Stine’s cab after his brutal murder. 

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Unsolved Female Homicides – Potentially Linked To Zodiac Killer Case? recently gained access to a previously unreleased document involving the unsolved murders of female victims in Northern California, spanning from December 10, 1969 to September 29, 1974. Although nothing definite can yet be said for the murderer involved in these crimes, it is hard to overlook the fact that these murders took place during the time the Zodiac was still active and sending letters to the press and the public. Read the Unsolved Female Homicides report now available exclusively on 

For more facts, such as 200 pages of police reports related to the case, pick up a copy of Tom Voigt’s Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts.  

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