exorcist letter Zodiac Killwe

How Many Victims Did The Zodiac Killer Have? 

exorcist letter Zodiac Killwe

The Zodiac Killer Case – Help Find Answers To Unsolved Questions 

Although the Zodiac Killer took his first known victim more than 50 years ago, people all over the world continue to study this Northern California serial killer. From the late 1960s through the early 1970s, he terrified the public with his horrific crimes and taunting letters. Can you help find the answers to the final questions about the Zodiac Killer case? 

How Many Victims Did The Zodiac Killer Have? 

Only seven victims have been definitively linked to the Zodiac Killer case. Two more possible Zodiac Killer victims are also recognized among those familiar with the case. However, the Zodiac claimed to have taken the lives of many more people. In his letters, he enjoyed teasing the police who hadn’t found evidence of his other crimes and threatening the public with more bloodshed. One of the dreadful details included in some of his letters was the Zodiac’s personal victim count. Throughout his letters, this number would be occasionally updated. 

The Zodiac Keeps Count Of His Victims 

In his infamous “Bus Bomb” letter, sent November 9, 1969, he wrote, “… up to the end of Oct[ober] I have killed 7 people.” More than 5 months later, in his April 20th, 1970 letter which begins with his “My name is…” cipher, he claimed to have “killed 10 people to date.” 

In his “Little List” Letter, the Zodiac expresses anger that no one has heeded his desire to wear buttons styled with the circle and cross symbol he often writes on his letters. In response, he threatens to “torture all 13 of [his] slaves that [he has] wateing (sic) for [him] in Paradice (sic).” This letter was sent on July 26, 1970.  

His final count can be found in his January 29th, 1974 letter, in which he refers to the 1973 movie The Exorcist as a “saterical (sic) comidy (sic).” At the very bottom of the letter, he writes simply: “Me – 37, SFPD – 0.” 

Possible Victims Revealed Decades Later? 

Is it possible that some of the unknown victims of the Zodiac can still be revealed? Zodiackiller.com recently shared a previously unpublished report involving the unsolved murders of 13 women in the Northern California area. These crimes took place during the Zodiac’s activity in that same area. Read this Unsolved Female Homicides report now exclusively on Zodiackiller.com. 

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