The Terror Of The Zodiac In The Bay Area Of Northern California 

The Zodiac Killer Case Disturbed The People Of The Northern California Bay Area 

The Zodiac Killer is perhaps one of the most famous serial killers in the history of the U.S. Even decades later, a sense of unease creeps over those who study the case and continue to search for answers to its final questions. 

What Made The Zodiac So Terrifying? 

No one could live through the events of a serial killer being on the loose near their homes, family, and loved ones without feeling overwhelmed by a sense of terror and dread. There are a few factors about the Zodiac Killer case, though, that must have increased the terror felt by those in the Northern California areas he haunted. 

The Zodiac’s Unpredictability 

One of the aspects that would have increased the unease felt by those in the Bay Area was the Zodaic’s unpredictability. Among his confirmed attacks, the Zodiac did not stick perfectly to one M.O. Tom Voigt comments on this fact in a recent interview on the Unfiltered podcast
“It was definitely very disconcerting for people in the San Fransisco Bay Area because they didn’t know where they would be safe or what kind of person he would target next.” 

The Zodiac’s Presence 

There are many serial killer cases in which the police forces and the public don’t actually hear from the killer in question unless the killer is caught. The Zodiac, however, wasn’t content to be a non-speaking presence in the Bay Area. He wanted to be heard. The Zodiac sent letters not only to mock those looking for him, but to reveal his motives, tell his plans for the future, and make demands of the public. 

It’s no wonder that the terror the Zodiac caused decades ago continues to linger into the present day. 

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