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The Zodiac Killer: Finding Answers To A Cold Case 

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The Unresolved Zodiac Killer Case 

The Zodiac Killer is perhaps one of the most infamous serial killers in American history. Known for terrorizing the people of Northern California in the late 1960s through early 1970s, the self-named Zodiac’s true identity has never been discovered. Is it possible to find the remaining answers we seek about this horrible case, all these decades later? 

What Is A Cold Case? 

A cold case is a crime – or even a suspected crime – that has not been resolved and is also not currently the subject of criminal investigation. However, it is possible for new information about a cold case to emerge through witness testimony, new or retained material evidence, re-examined archives, or new activity from a suspect. 

The Zodiac Killer Case & The Hunt For Answers 

Although the Zodiac Killer case is technically a cold case, the search for answers continues. Decades have passed since the last known activity of the man who called himself the Zodiac. However, recent progress – such as the solving of the Z 340 cipher and new information about the bloody fingerprints on Paul Stine’s cab – contributes to the hope that even more information about the case may yet be revealed. 

Can You Help Solve The Case? 

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Information Gathered From the #1 Zodiac Killer Website 

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