The Zodiac’s Dragon Card 

The Zodiac Killer’s Mysteries Remain Unsolved 

The Zodiac Killer went on his famed killing spree in Northern California over the late 1960s and early 1970s. Only 7 victims were confirmed to be victims of the Zodiac Killer, though he claims to have killed as many as 37 victims total. Will we ever solve the final mysteries of this case? Will we ever know who the Zodiac Killer was? 

The Zodiac Killer’s Dragon Card 

The second Zodiac letter of 1970 was sent to The San Francisco Chronicle on April 28th. This is also the second time the Zodiac opted to send his letter written on a humorous postcard. The front of the card depicts one man sitting on a donkey and another sitting on a dragon. It reads “Sorry to hear your ass is dragon.” The Zodiac wrote on the front “I hope you enjoy your selves [sic] when I have my Blast,” and notes that there is more on the back. 

The Zodiac Demands Buttons 

Like previous letters, the Zodiac makes demands and threatens to harm others if they are not met. First, he wanted The Chronicle to “[t]ell everyone about the bus bomb with all the details.” Next, he says he wants to see people wearing “nice Zodiac buttons.” He mentions other buttons that were in fashion at the time – such as ones with the peace symbol and ones that read “black power.” He claims it would “cheer [him] up considerably” to see people wearing buttons with his symbol. 

The demand for buttons demonstrates a certain need for attention that is in character for the Zodiac. After all, writing his letters and demanding that his words, his deeds, and his plans be published in the newspapers also make it evident that he wanted people to pay attention to him. If his identity were to ever be revealed, would we then learn more about why this was so important to him? 

Learn More About The Zodiac Through His Own Words 

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