The Zodiac’s Kathleen Johns Letter 


The Zodiac Killer Mocked The Public With His Letters 

For years, the words of the Zodiac Killer have haunted the public’s minds. Even decades after his killing spree in Northern California, the Zodiac is remembered for the threats, demands, and taunts he issues through his now-famous letters. Could these letters hold the key to revealing his identity? Will the mystery of the Zodiac Killer case ever be solved? 

The Zodiac Killer Writes About Kathleen Johns 

Kathleen Johns is one of the possible Zodiac Killer victims who is not officially recognized as being attached to the case. On March 22, 1970, Johns was on a drive with her daughter when a stranger signaled her to pull over because her wheel was wobbling. Although the man offered to help fix it, it seemed he only made the issue worse because as she drove off again her wheel completely fell off. 

The man approached again, convincing her to accept a ride from him. According to Johns, he drove around desolate areas and threatened to kill her. Eventually, Johns escaped. Later, her car was found burned where she left it. 

Whether or not the stranger who threatened Johns was the Zodiac is debatable. The police reports of this incident fail to mention that Johns was threatened. Johns explained that the police failed to document her experience in her presence, and suggested they formed the reports from memory. 

Although in his “Kathleen Johns Letter” the Zodiac references this case, he fails to provide further detail, as he had been wont to do in previous letters to prove his involvement with other victims. Is it possible that Kathleen Johns really escaped the Zodiac himself, or was he taking credit for another’s crime? 

More Letters From The Zodiac 

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