The Zodiac’s Suspected Victims 

The Zodiac Killer – 5 Murders In Northern California 

The Zodiac Killer spent the late 1960s and early 1970s terrorizing the people of Northern California. He is definitively linked to the murder of 5 victims as well as the attempted murder of 2 more victims who fortunately survived his attacks. Decades later, dedicated individuals all over the world continue the search for answers about the Zodiac Killer case. 

The Zodiac’s Victim Count 

While only 7 victims are known definitively to be linked to the Zodiac Killer case, the Zodiac made no secret that he had many more victims. It was the Zodiac’s habit to update his victim count through his letters. Of course, he never revealed the identities of any of the undiscovered victims. By early 1974, the count of the Zodiac’s victims numbered 37

The Zodiac’s Suspected Victims 

There are several crimes that various experts – including historians, police officials, etc. – suspect may be related to the Zodiac Killer case. Perhaps the most well-known potential victims are Ray Davis and Cheri Jo Bates. Including Davis and Bates, it has been suggested that the Zodiac may be responsible for 25 more crimes, totaling 32 more potential victims. 

Assuming the Zodiac didn’t include survivors of his attacks in his count, 5 known victims and 32 potential victims add up to match his personal victim count. Of course, without proof that these victims are indeed victims of the Zodiac, we must confront a sad possibility. Some, if not all, of those 25 crimes may be unrelated to the Zodiac – and there may have been some victims of the Zodiac who were simply never found. The search for answers continues, however, and perhaps one day we may know more about the Zodiac’s crimes. 

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