Was The Zodiac Consistent In His Crimes? 

Can You Help Find Answers About The Zodiac Killer Case? 

The Zodiac Killer Case remains a popular topic of study even decades after the Zodiac’s activities came to an end. It’s no wonder that the Zodiac’s history of crimes left the people of Northern California and, indeed, people all over the world feeling so uneasy. The hunt for answers continues by those who still hope to bring a sense of closure to the case. 

Was The Zodiac Killer Consistent In His Crimes? 

Although the Zodiac Killer claimed to have had more than 30 victims, only a few victims have been confirmed to be linked to this case. While many famous serial killers are known to have had a specific modus operandi, there are a surprising amount of inconsistencies between the attacks the Zodiac committed against his confirmed victims. 

The first three attacks share similarities. The Zodiac targeted young couples in secluded areas. Even between these three attacks, however, he changed his methods. In the first attack, it seems the Zodiac allowed one victim to attempt to run before shooting her. In the next, he kept both victims in the car while attacking them. In the third, he used a knife instead of a gun and wore an unusual costume. The fourth attack, is, of course, the most inconsistent – the one in which he attacked cab driver Paul Stine in the middle of San Francisco. 

Why Did The Zodiac Make Changes To His Attacks? 

Was there a reason the Zodiac didn’t use the same M.O. for each attack? Did he mean to throw the police off in their investigations with these inconsistencies? Was he merely bored with recreating crimes too similar to the previous attacks? Although we currently don’t have a definitive answer to this and many other Zodiac Killer questions, you can find all the information you need for your Zodiac Killer investigation right here on Zodiackiller.com 

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