Nancy Bennallack Murder Solved!

What Did The Zodiac’s Circle Cross-Symbol Mean? 

Nancy Bennallack Murder Solved!

The Zodiac’s Circle-Cross Symbol 

There are a few things about the Zodiac Killer case that make this specific case to those who study it. Among the signature practices the Zodiac was known for – such as naming himself the Zodiac and his style of speech in his letters – is the mysterious circle-cross symbol that can be found in nearly all of his letters. 

In fact, the circle-cross symbol predates the “Zodiac” moniker. The circle-cross symbol appears in all 3 of the July 31, 1969 letters sent to the Vallejo Times-Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the San Francisco Examiner. It wasn’t until his next letter, sent on August 4th, 1969, that he first used his now-infamous opening line: “This is the Zodiac speaking.” 

The Zodiac’s Wish: Circle-Cross Symbol Buttons 

It seems the Zodiac considered the circle-cross symbol to be as synonymous with his identity as he did his self-given name. He repeatedly sent letters that suggested – or demanded – that the public should wear Zodiac-themed buttons, and used the circle cross symbol as a stand-in for the Zodiac moniker. Perhaps this is the symbol he wanted to see on these hypothetical buttons. 

What Did It Mean? 

No one knows for sure what the symbol meant because, as was often his way, the Zodiac did not explain his meaning. The resemblance of the symbol to that of a cross-hair symbol is notable, but there are also other theories about its possible meaning.  

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