What Don’t We Know About The Zodiac Killer? 

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The Zodiac Killer case is studied by individuals all over the world. Given not only his string of horrific crimes committed in the late 1960s and early 1970s throughout Northern California but also how he threatened and mocked the public through his letters, there’s little reason to wonder why this particular case has held the attention of interested parties for more than 50 years. Are you ready to learn more about the Zodiac Killer case? Perhaps you can help solve the final questions. 

What Don’t We Know About The Zodiac Killer Case? 

Like any unsolved crime, the Zodiac Killer case has more unanswered questions than answered questions. Perhaps the biggest questions, though, on the minds of those who study this case are as follows: 

Who Were The Zodiac’s Unidentified Victims? 

Only 9 victims – 7 definite and 2 possible – were ever linked to the Zodiac Killer. However, according to the count the Zodiac kept himself, he had as many as 37 victims. Who were those unidentified victims? 

What Do The Zodiac’s Ciphers Say? 

Of the four ciphers he sent only two – the Z 408 cipher (in three parts: Z 408 cipher part 1, Z 408 cipher part 2, Z 408 cipher part 3) and the Z 340 cipher – were ever solved. Ciphers Z 13 and Z 32 remain unsolved. 

Who Was The Zodiac? 

Finally, although there were many Zodiac Killer suspects, the Zodiac was never successfully identified. 

Could it be the answers to his identity lie in answering those other questions? Could the recently released Unsolved Female Homicides report be linked to the Zodiac’s crimes? Will his final ciphers ever be solved? Only time will tell. 

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