Why Do People Still Look For Answers About The Zodiac Killer? 

The Zodiac Killer Case: Unanswered Questions 

Many remain dedicated to the active pursuit of answers related to the Zodiac Killer case, despite the fact that this case is now more than 50 years old. Will you join the pursuit of answers? Can you help solve the final mysteries – including the Zodiac’s two remaining ciphers, his undiscovered victims, and perhaps even his identity? 

Why Are People Still Looking For Answers? 

To some, the pursuit of answers to the Zodiac Killer case may seem like a futile cause. After all, the case began over 50 years ago now, making the likelihood of finding those answers all the more scarce. Even if we were somehow to discover the identity of the Zodiac himself, there is likely no longer anyone to hold accountable for his crimes. After all, all of the primary Zodiac Killer suspects have passed away, and – given the estimated age of the Zodiac – it’s more likely than not that he too has since passed. 

Answers Are Still Being Uncovered 

One reason why so many are still dedicated to looking for answers is because, even with the low chances of uncovering new answers, finding answers is still possible. Even in recent years, we have found answers we didn’t have before. For example, we now have potential answers about the bloody fingerprints left on Paul Stine’s cab. Only a few years ago, a second of the Zodiac’s ciphers were solved. 

Seeking A Sense Of Closure 

In a way, it’s only natural that people want answers about the horrific crimes the Zodiac committed. The Zodiac robbed the Northern California community of their sense of safety, not just with the crimes he committed but also with his threatening presence that was constantly amplified through his letters. When the Zodiac simply seemed to disappear, it would have been difficult for those people to regain their sense of security. By finding answers, we might at last collectively reach a feeling of closure about this case. 

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