Zodiac Killer Archives: 2008

Oct. 18, 2008) Welcome, viewers of TruTV’s Haunting Evidence: Zodiac Killer! If you watched the show and are curious about the man behined “the voice,” or if you just want to read about the most compelling Zodiac suspect to ever come along, click here.

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Sept. 27, 2008) Today is the 39th anniversary of the Zodiac’s attack at Lake Berryessa in Napa County, Cal. I’ve updated the page of his victims at the lake, Cecelia Shepard and Bryan Hartnell, with eight new images.

Sept. 6, 2008) After more than 30 years of scrutiny, Rick Marshall has finally been dismissed as a Zodiac suspect…and Zodiackiller.com played a huge part.

Here’s how it went down:

It all started a couple of months ago when I received a phone tip (415 267-4818) from a woman who worked at a care facility in the Sacramento (Cal.) area. She told me that Marshall was a patient where she worked, and that he had spoken about the Zodiac case. She found him to be extremely suspicious and was not sure what to do. Thinking Marshall might finally be ready to talk due to his advanced age and deteriorating health, I contacted my sources at the Napa County Sheriff’s Dept., the agency that originally investigated Marshall back in the 1970s. Two detectives made the trek to Sacramento and spent a significant amount of time interviewing Marshall. I have yet to find if DNA testing was involved, but whatever data was gleaned was enough for investigators to finally dismiss Marshall as a viable Zodiac suspect after more than three decades.

I’m hopeful to have an official statement in the next few days. A big thanks to those of you who have supported this website and helped make this possible!

> Is missing nurse Donna Lass a Zodiac victim? Many think so. Today is the 38th anniversary of her disappearance and here is a big update.

Aug. 15, 2008) On Monday I will be departing for the San Francisco Bay Area for seven days of Zodiac research. My focus will be on obtaining information about Zodiac suspect Richard Gaikowski. The results of my search, including relevant pictures, documents, handwriting samples, etc., will be posted as quickly as possible and available exclusively to registered users at the Zodiackiller.com message board.

April 16, 2008) While research continues into Zodiac suspect Richard Gaikowski (see the March 26, 2008 update below), a new photo has recently surfaced of one of the original top suspects, Rick Marshall. Exclusive to Zodiackiller.com, click here to see how Marshall looked in the 1970s.

> Howard “Buzz” Gordon, who dated Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin in the months before her murder, recently passed away from natural causes. At the time Gordon dated Ferrin, he worked for the Solano County Sheriff’s Dept. and was eventually a suspect in her murder. Here’s a link to notes from a 1991 interview with Gordon.

Jan. 25, 2008) To most Zodiac buffs (as well as newcomers to the Zodiac case who have seen the recent David Fincher film Zodiac), Don Cheney is no stranger. Arthur Leigh Allen and Don Cheney Cheney is, afterall, the man who went to the police back in 1971 because he thought his former friend Arthur Leigh Allen was the Zodiac.

In the recently released director’s cut of Zodiac, one of the special features on the two-disc DVD is a documentary about Allen. Cheney was interviewed on camera and made several statements about Allen that made Cheney appear suspicious, even to a retired detective also featured in the documentary. Was Cheney lying all along about Allen? Or, could Cheney have actually helped Allen commit the Zodiac crimes?

Click here for a look at a suspicious letter Cheney sent me several years ago. To order the two-disc director’s cut of Zodiac featuring the Allen documentary, click the image directly below this update.