Did The Zodiac Visit Melvin Belli’s House?

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Did The Zodiac Visit Melvin Belli’s House?

More Than 50 Years Later, The Hunt For Zodiac Killer Answers Continues 

The Zodiac Killer’s horrific crimes in Northern California spanned the late 1960s through early 1970s. He taunted the public with his threatening letters and even teased at his identity with his mysterious ciphers, but the killer was never identified. More than 50 years later, interested parties continue to hunt for answers in the hope that maybe one day the final mysteries of the Zodiac Killer case can be solved. 

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Although the Zodiac Killer case began more than 50 years ago, new information is still occasionally uncovered. Among noteworthy recent news, many members of our community will remember that the Z 340 cipher was finally solved only about three years ago. With both this cipher and the Z 408 cipher (available to read here in three parts: Z 408 cipher part 1, Z 408 cipher part 2, and Z 408 cipher part 3), that leaves only two more Zodiac ciphers to solve. However, these ciphers are the most challenging yet due to their significantly shorter length. 

Of course, this isn’t the most recent Zodiac Killer news. Just this year the mystery of the bloody fingerprints left on Paul Stine’s cab was perhaps solved by information given by the son of the man who left behind his fingerprints. 

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